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The interior of the OM Studio is not large, but Chuck has recorded many bands and individual musicians. Sometimes making demos and sometimes just perfecting tracks. The Vinyl Gypsies rehearse, record and have completed their current demo here.

Below is a list of the equipment Chuck uses in his studio.

Equipment: Graphic of Heading: EQUIPMENT.
Graphic of Equipment: AMPLIFICATION
Graphic of Equipment: MICROPHONES.
Graphic of Equipment: PROTOOLS.
Graphic of Equipment: MIXER.
Graphic of Equipment: HARDWARE.
Graphic of Equipment: STORAGE .
Graphic of Equipment: PATCHBAYS
Graphic of Equipment: INSTRUMENTS.
Graphic of Equipment: PROCESSORS.
Graphic of Equipment: PROCESSORS.
Graphic of Equipment: MONITORS.


You can use the information about Chuck's studio to give you some preliminary ideas on how to get your own studio. Chuck is adding to his studio all the time and we'll post any new equipment he is using as he installs it. There are so many choices and so many things to consider, some of the information you get from the EQUIPMENT list might give you a head start.



Chuck's background in audio engineering is extensive. He worked at Sound City, in his early days, which gave him an opportunity to remix Boz Skaggs' first album on Atlantic Records with Tom Perry. He went from sweeping the floors to second engineer for many famous artists: REO Speedwagon, Rick Springfield, Joe Cocker, Rick Nelson, and many other popular performers. Joe Gottfried liked Chuck's music and let him record, free of charge, at night. Sometimes Chuck was up all night. This experience provided a foundation for his own studio.

Sound City, is now a legend in the LA area. It is no longer in operation but there is a movie about those good old days that can be found at Sound City Studios. You'll find a link to the movie in the menu.

Westlake Pro recently interviewed Chuck about the installation of AVID HDX hardware at Audio Digest. Incidentally, for all you musician/engineer types (like Chuck) there is some tech info in the interview that could be useful for commercial studios as well as personal studios.
 Audio Digest Studio

Chuck Standish from Audio Digest Foundation speaks about his experience with Westlake Pro.Founded in 1952, Audio Digest Foundation is a medical education publishing company that produces audio education programs that help physicians's a link to the full interview:

Westlake Pro Interview

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