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The articles on this page are mostly about music, all genres, its history, its development and tips/resources for how to make music your business.

Right now there are no articles by working musicians so if you are an independent musician, we want to hear from you. Maybe write about why you write music, or why you can't put your trumpet down, or your giging experiences. Even if you are not a musician yourself; why do you prefer Opera to Rock and Roll? We invite any and all musical subjects. Your contribution will be evaluated but this page is more about content than it is about professional writing, though that is welcome too. Please send it to

SECTION #1: This section of articles is about music, in one way or another.What is Rock gets into musical technicalities. However, Little Known Facts will surprise you with some sociological facts that aren't very nice as far as the treatment of musicians is concerned.

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SECTION #2: The second group of articles is about what Indie Musicians can do to become...

Music Industry Entrepreneurs...ta da!.

Indie musicians almost have to do this these days because the music industry has changed so much. We think it's important to be in a business frame of mind when you are out giging. If you don't look out for yourself, who will?

If you're shy here are a few writing tips......

A three sentence outline:
1-write down what you hope to accomplish by writing this article.
2-write down what you want your reader to learn/experience from your article.
3-write down what the tone of the article will be; teach, expose, amuse, surprise, or...?

Begin with your most important concern regarding your topic. What will peak your reader's interest right away?

Lead your reader along a path of understanding. Don't remark about something early in the article if you don't get to the meat of that subject until the fourth paragraph. A content outline can be helpful with this.

Pay attention to your 'style'. Be sure you are consistent. Make every sentence count. Be sure you know the meaning of every word you use. Use un-common words sparingly. However, we don't agree with some who say to always use the most common word available. We think a new word, now and then, is good for everyone.

Now, write that article and send it to

Your articles are going to go here.

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