Vinyl Gypsies:


THE VINYL GYPSIES entertain consistently around the Southland these days.

You can always find them playing somewhere. Upcoming gigs are announced on their website. Just click here to go to their website. When you you sign up for emails you get a reminder when a gig is about to happen.

Audiences invariably simply have to get up and dance to their Rock-n-Roll favorites, if there is a dance floor, of course. (Sometimes even if there isn't.)

See you there!

Lisa Meagan, lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Edward Rigg, electric guitar and lead vocals,Shawn Richkind, bass guitar and Chuck Standish, drums and lead vocals.

The slides above are from a recent gig at the Sagebrush, in Calabasas and the Valencia Wine Co. We've included some shots of the VGs setting up. That's a whole lot of work; wires, cables, switches, connections, mics, sound checks and on and on. But they do it diligently so we can get out and rock our socks off.

Photo of smiling  child with her new lamb, thanks to Heifer has always been our favorite charity. image linkWe are, once again, committing to our Christmas pledge.

Just look at that happy face!

On our official OMindie Facebook page we post pictures and comments of anything that is currently happening. You'll also find info about The Vinyl Gypsies, what Chuck is up to and other news.

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