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Our favorite charity has been Heifer.org for a long time. We're making our Christmas pledge again in 2017 because they are doing so much good for people all over the world. Here is our pledge: We will match you,

dollar for dollar, for every song you buy through this website. In 70+ years, Heifer International has helped 25 million families in 125 countries including the United States. Because they help people help themselves, which we feel is the very best kind of help; we are going a little over our promise of …

With a little help from our friends we’re able
to send $100.00 as our Christmas gift this year.

Gifts in the catalog range from $10.00 to $25,000.00 and, if you can’t decide which gift you want to send you can do as we have done and ask them to use the gift where it is most needed. There’s a Double Your Gift plan this year too. For instance if a family receives a pair of goats this year, they promise to give a pair of their goat’s offspring to another family. The gift just grows and grows.

We’ll be doing this again in 2017, so please consider buying a song and we will match your $1 with one of ours again next year. Have a wonderful holiday.

If you haven't bought a song yet you can choose one or two from the many players we have. Then come back to this page; send us your email and let us know how many songs you have purchased. We will email you at Christmastime and tell you specifically what gifts we sent.

Thank you for choosing to help.
You don't have to send us a message
but we would love to hear from you.

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