AUDIO TIPS: Radio Stations


Network for Radio Airplay —In self-promotion.
Getting out the right information is your first task. You probably already have a good idea which local stations would be receptive to your music. Contact these first. Identify yourself as a musician with a new release. Find out the names of the program director, the music director, and the DJs who play your style(s) of music. Commercial radio formats are quite formal and inflexible. College radio, on the other hand, is much less formal, and its eclectic programming allows for a mix of formats or styles. To begin, pick a small number of stations (twelve or so) in a fifty-mile radius of your base and concentrate on those.

The key person on your list will probably be the music director, since this is the person who often determines what gets played. But this isn't always the case. When you call the station, ask for the name of the person who should receive your music. Be sure to get the title and the correct spelling of that person's name. Then write it down even if it is as easy as "Assistant Music Director, Bob Smith" so that next week when you send out your CD it doesn't go to "Asst. Director, Rob Smit"

Another contact to research is: Brian Ferrish at . He also does gig promotion; there's a lot of good information his site.