AUDIO TIPS: On the Road

Audio Tip #17: ON THE ROAD

This May seem like a no brainer because it is! However, if you don’t have an electronic device you can put all your information in and, there isn’t some beautiful chick relaying all your travel information to you, be sure to put the address, phone and directions to the gig in your wallet so you don't forget them. Or, put them on a piece of paper that you can keep on the seat of your car. There's nothing worse than driving halfway to the gig only to realize that you don't know where you're going. Or that you don't know where to park, or that you don't remember the name of the person to check-in with, or that you don't know where you're going to set-up, or that you don't know.....and on and on.

You may not feel like a business person but this is your business, even if it is also your first love, that is good, but don't blow any opportunities by being sloppy. We all hear stories about the radical personalities that live in the music business and everybody admires their bravado but that is not a common reality. It's hype. I'm not saying that you have to be a dud, be your own brilliant, talented self, but be civil and be prepared.

On the road, or in the studio, try to be open to suggestions. Your engineer or the club's sound engineer, may have some good ideas that you haven't thought of or considered. Be a student of the process. Ask questions about 'how and why' but, of course, don't be a pest. Tell the engineer that you want to learn as much as you can about the process, but bear in mind at all times that in any circumstance, time is money - your money.

After all, it's not called The Music Industry, for nothing. There are some helpful articles on this site about agreements, press releases and other helpful business practices. There are forms and templates to help you get going. So, check them out in Section #2 on the Articles page if this sounds like something you might need.